Some “Cool Tools” for School

As part of the EduBlog Teacher Challenge I have been exploring a few different “cool tools” for presentation. While I have only explored a few of the many they provided for us to look at, one that grabbed my eye was Bitstrips. I joined for a free trial and found it has easy to use format. I plan on introducing it to my students this week and seeing how they go with it before making a firm decision. However it is one of the more easy to use comic creators I have seen so far.

Here is a comic I made very quickly with our four class rules:

I will post back when my students have had a chance to test out the website and share some of their examples.

As part of the Global Read Aloud I have been using a Padlet to connect with other teachers and classes. Here is one that we are using to keep track of our learning:

Padlet has been a great way to connect with classes without having to worry about setting up a class blog. It is easy to restrict for privacy yet can host a number of file types and quick information posts and pictures. We are enjoying sharing our thoughts this way. As a teacher I also like the quick set up and update ability! I will definitely keep using this tool in the future.

These two presentation tools were simple to begin with and share with students. I can’t wait to keep exploring different presentation tools as I find the time! I look forward to sharing my journey and experiences as I do so.

Until next time……