My name is Candice Huntly and I am a primary school teacher from Victoria, Australia. I have been teaching for 8 years, spending my first 18 months in Prep then moving into the senior school to teach Year 5. This year I have a wonderful grade of Year 1/2 students to learn with – which has been a bit of a new challenge for me this year getting to know the year level expectations!

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In 2013 I was awarded an International Teaching Fellowship and spent the year in Colorado, USA. This meant that I swapped job positions (and houses) with a teacher from Nisley Elementary in Grand Junction from January to December. This was an amazing opportunity and it was where I first “cut my teeth” in the blogging world. Check out my adventures living in the USA on my 2013 blog “Teachings and Travels”

Why blog?

I am passionate about integrating ICT in student learning so they can become responsible and aware citizens of this digital world. No matter what age, we should be starting to talk to students about issues surrounding the use of social media and ICT in their lives and make them aware of what is possible. Blogging is my “next step” in sharing some ideas – both ICT based and not – and beginning to develop my PLNs and connections.

Big Idea

This year I attended a PD where Will Richardson (@willrich45) was the keynote speaker. His overarching idea resonated with me – that teachers are no longer in schools to DELIVER content. Our job as educators now is to facilitate and develop student skills in how to access, understand and critique information so they can use it effectively in their lives. Our BIG IDEA of thinking should be not what do the students know but what are the students doing with what they know? (Do they know how to access information? Do they know if the website they got information from is reliable? Do they know about rules and laws regarding music and photos online? Do they know how they are creating a digital footprint?) 

As a teacher, I hope I am preparing my students for continuing to learn and live in a world that is full of access and technology by helping them develop skills with which to navigate their world. And at the very least, I hope I am helping them develop a love of learning!


In my “me” time away from school, I am interested in reading (though this often is only in the holidays), watching movies and TV (my couchtime downtime), catching up with friends and family and travelling (in Australia or overseas – I’m constantly planning my next three trips!).

Please feel free to leave comments on posts or contact me via the contact page. I am also a new user on twitter for 2013 – @chuntlytweet. Hopefully I make an impression in your memory with something here one day 🙂



…..overlooking Palisade in the Grand Junction Valley. One of my hikes I could do where I lived for 2013!

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  1. Hi Miss Huntly I am one of your students in 2015 I know that I am not meant to type in my school but my school In 2015 starts with an A.

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